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While at IIFA, Priyanka attended a panel talk that introduced the Girl Rising Project. For the talk, it was a black and white printed Yigal Azrouël jumpsuit, one that she wore with stacked bracelets and a ear cuff.

The black and white look was finished out with the customary pop of red that came via pumps. She looked good but given the event, the look felt too edgy. Just me?


Left: Priyanka Chopra at Save The Girl Rising Project Panel Talk, IIFA 2014
Right: Yigal Azrouël Jumpsuit


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Lol she showed up as a rockstar (?) with the bracelets and that so out of place ear cuff! Sadly the look is neither here not there.

  2. I love it…The outfit and the way it has been styled. But Ms Chopra…not so much…she somehow manages to look tacky…i cant seem to understand why? If someone could answer that, I would be grateful…

    • Maybe it’s just the way she carries herself and the vibe she gives off? It’s an innate quality that no amount of expensive clothes can change.

      • Agreed…. everything about this outfit screams “nouveau riche”… it’s like she doesn’t know when to say no. Hair? MAKE it BIG; Shades: Make them BIG and DARK; LIPSTICK: BRIGHT!; EARRINGS: LONG and THERE! HAIR: Contrived!

        She should have left the hair and makeup natural. And please someone take away that lipstick from her. And the earrings were just unnecessary…

        • Thanks for putting it so well. Exactly my thoughts. And it’s not the first time. Definitely not the last either. Subtlety is not her friend.

  3. She is looking awesome at every event. You guys are sonam fans and I feel like priyanka haters…sonam PR?
    how come sonam doesnt look overdone ever at all indian events?

  4. Ive said this earlier too.. Long earrings dont suit her..they always and always make her lok tacky..if youve noticed her best looks are where she’s wearing either no or stud earrings..

  5. The styling on the model works so well. The jumpsuit is enough in itself to make a statement. The hair, the earring, the shades, and the shoes are unnecessary.


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