Fab Or Drab?

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Update: Priyanka is in Kavita Bhartia

Finding Priyanka’s outfit quite fab or quite drab?

priyanka_chopra_white_ribbon.jpg priyanka_chopra_white_ribbon1.jpg

Priyanka Chopra

Leiber Goddess Minaudiere

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  1. i would have like the top half if it didnt have the funny black side things on it.. it looks like a pinafore.. and the bottom half is not that impressive.. so D R A B..
    great heels tho

  2. Sooooooo sick of seeing the same short dresses on her….I mean come on fashion is not limited to short, tight, drab colored dresses. Its about experimenting and having fun with colors, silhouettes and styles. Somebody please tell Priyanka that.

  3. i am getting bored with the short dress silhoutte on her.. this girl doesnt experiment much with her silhouttes.. this is another variation of the lingerie like lacy stuff she has been wearing lately..

  4. She never has a wow factor, therefore DRAB, same old short, tight dress that she always wears. As for hair, why doesn’t she do a ponytail or something once in a while, it would look sleeker, there’s so much you can do with hair, without cutting it.

  5. ok i love the hair and that clutch is GORGEOUS!!! she should just wear that clutch! she could have worn a polo neck to bring out the clutch and those bangs!
    ewww what a disgusting dress!


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