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Before heading to Tampa Bay for IIFA’s press meet, Priyanka attended a Golden Globe after-party wearing a Bibhu Mohaptra dress. Am not a fan of the dress per se, especially the feather hemline, but that wasn’t the only disconnect. The hair and the pumps felt out of sync as well.

What say you?


Left: Bibhu Mohapatra, Fall 2014
Right: Priyanka Chopra at Golden Globes After Party

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  1. Such a gorgeous actress and kudos to her for branching out to the west as well, but wish she wore relatively more striking pieces .. Maybe Deepika can loan her style assistant to Priyanka to make her more uber chic – and on a side note, how gorgeous were these two with their vibe and banter in koffee with karan – here’s to wishing they keep succeeding and the sky is the limit for these two lovely actresses.

  2. I really like dthis look. The first thing that came to my mind was WoW. I didnt even notice the shoes..M nt a big fan of Priyanka, but jus loved this look

  3. I think the dress looks fabulous on Priyanka and her petite yet curvaceous body type (but then again, what doesn’t?). The fit couldn’t be more perfect. The side-swept waves also go well with the rest of the look.The only thing that looks out of place are the pointed, white pumps; they clash with the outfit and not in a good way. The length of the dress could’ve also been altered to make it more shin-skimming rather than ankle-skimming like on the ramp model on the left. All in all, she looks beautiful and thank heavens for the lack of accessories.

  4. I’m not the biggest fan of this girl but I thought she looked nice compared to her previous looks with those unnecessary accessories and tacky gown (red)…correcting my friends commenting above is that she should get style tips from Kangana Ranaut not Deepika :)

  5. I get what she’s trying to do here – softer and princess-y without being twee- contrasting the structured bodice with the fluttery skirt….and I really like her in it. But WHY THOSE HIDEOUS WHITE POINTY HEELS….gah…hate them…..

    Rant over.

  6. She looks gorgeous :) I don’t see anything wrong with this look . Her hair and make up are ok . Only thing I would change perhaps are the shoes.

  7. wheres everyone looking!! she looks like shes going to a high school prom, not suitable for a golden globes after party at all!! and HATE the feather hem..

  8. I love her waist-up. I think she looks stunning with her side swept hair, but, yes the dress is a downer. I wish it was a tad shorter and without the feather hemline.

  9. I actually like the hair and the shoes. Priyanka looked good. Its just the length of the dress that seems to be an issue. It should have been a tad shorter. Such a dress would look amazing on Sonam Kapoor, especially because of her height.


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