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Priyanka also attended the IIFA press meet in Madrid today wearing a black tank with a shimmery Marc Jacobs skirt and Louboutin pumps. What made this look pop though was not the separates but the dark oxblood lippie. She had my vote instantly with it. Loved it!



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  1. Black slip and school skirt?? What’s to luv..lips r scary territory. But Pc can make anything work.
    The first pic looks decent.idk May be the flash made lips scary.still bettr than purple mad hatter lips

  2. The tank top is just wrong. The look is not v interesting on the whole.

    is it me or do all the phoren return have the same kind of make up and hair. Maybe it is the international trends but it is kind of harsh with fake tan tones and a strong eyebrow game. Not a fan.

  3. The Bvlgari serpenti watch and the loud orange…..who else could it be but Shilpa Shetty
    damn…why no animal print Shilpa?!!?

  4. Love the look, but I wish she’d worn different shoes. Something edgy, something that popped out – she always brings her best to the shoe game – this outfit needed it!

  5. That’s a terrible scary look . The lips r just too dark especially with the very dark eyebrows
    Hope to see better in the coming events

  6. Clearly PC has also some hair weaving done. Her hair line/ parting is so freaking unnatural/ scary!
    Lesser said about this dress is better.

  7. The severe eyebrows in the second and third pics makes her look quite scary. The teeth are so white, that its slmost blue in the last pic. Tank top, no no no. Hairstyle should vd been different.


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