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The Blenders Pride fashion tour kicked off with a big press meet that included designers & folks from tinsel town showcasing the designer’s work.

Priyanka was not part of the presentation but does feature in the print ads looking fierce in a Shivan & Narresh one shoulder dress.

While most others at the preview (see below posts) were in formal gowns, Giselli and Sophie sported dresses for Rina Dhaka and Cue respectively. We have to add, considering we’ve seen Sophie in a sequin Cue before, we would’ve rather seen her wear something different.

Priyanka Chopra for Blenders Pride Fashion Tour

Left: Giselli Monteiro in Rina Dhaka
Right: Sophie Choudry in Cue

Photo Credit: Facebook, Viral Bhayani

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  1. priyanka looks nice except for the hair…if it was a tiny bit longer, then it wouldn’t look so fake and awkward.

    Giselli looks cute except for her expression, and not much happy about the shoes either.

    Sophie looks darnnnn good, i love the dress and shoes combination, and the makeup is perfect. she looks very much like priya anand in this still?!

    • i must add that sophie’s dress is extremely tacky and i would not wear that in a million years, but she carries it off, very well….and love the pump color.

  2. Not sure what they did to make PC look so bad but it’s very saat khoon maaf ugly. She’s much prettier normally this is terrible.


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