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Ms. Chopra who is in London for Krrish 3 promotions attended one of the events wearing a black Gauri and Nainika dress. What caught my eye though were those Outhouse earcuffs (worn upside down) that has been on my lust list for a while now! Also giving me major envy, those Ferragamo shoes.

Ok, now back to Ms. Chopra, she looked great!

P.S. We’ve noticed, of late, Priyanka’s been experimenting with different hairdos and we’ve got to say, we like them all! Catch her at a real estate launch event inside.


Priyanka Chopra at Krrish 3 Promotions in London


Priyanka Chopra at Krrish 3 Promotions in London


Priyanka Chopra at Krrish 3 Promotions in London

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. I’m not feeling the bangs but the black outfit/shoes look good on her in the first pic.
    In the striped outfit pic, I’m not feeling the long necklaces with this outfit at all.

    Overall, I have to give her points for looking classier and healthier than she has been looking in recent times.

    • Yeah, it must be killing you to “have” to aknowledge her so called improvement lol! ^o^
      “Healthier & classier”? smh. Good thing she doesn´t rely on opinion like yours anyway.
      On a more positive note, I tot agree with P&P, PC being killin´em lately. & She always got a great shoe game! I am glad she got her smile back after the last two trying years.

    • True..
      She atleast seems to be doing away with her crass supertight outfits.
      BTW, No offense meant but what’s with ahot?
      In all PC posts on this blog u often get rude with those not agreeing with Priyanka’s choice of clothes.
      This is just a forum to discuss fashion, nothing personal. so take it easy :-)

  2. 2 black dresses. sonakshi and priyanka, got to say i like sonakshi a whole lot better even thou priyanka had a better pick in terms of accessories..


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