Face Off: The Jumpsuit Edition

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One went long, the other a lil bit shorter but between the two wearing olive jumpsuits with chunky sandals, Rani got our vote. The odd overhang on the otherwise fitted jumpsuit made for a real odd look on Priyanka.


Left: Rani Mukherjee at Sabyasachi Store Launch
Right: Priyanka Chopra at Nokia N8 Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I fail to understand Priyanka sense of fashion, from where does she purchase these horrendous clothes? one is worse than the other. I hate Rani’s shoes, but as far as the jumpsuit, she looks much better than Priyanka.

  2. Rani looks very nice neck up. Her jumpsuit and shoes are not the best choices. Priyanka’s jumpsuit is a little better & looks more comfortable. Those shoes are just HOT!

    • Priyanka Chopra was at UTV Ineractive’s New Digital Avatar event in a very colorful printed dress with yellow sandals. Check that out.

  3. Priyanka’shoes are always edgy and all rock and roll however her clothes are not.Her Stylist,hair stylist should be fired!

    It always seems like Priyanka tries to hard. It seems she tries very very hard to look cool , casual and sexy all at the same time! Unfortunately everything looks fake as well.Some of her clothes are so tacky.

    Even manish malhotra salwar kameez looked too much on her

    And maybe that is why every look of hers fall flat.To top that her hair style is always weird and sticks out and her make up is always too much with constant colored eye lens and all.


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