In Alberta Ferretti

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Ms. Chopra was spotted in Delhi yesterday in a strapless Alberta Ferretti dress, spotted in a gown version on Italian actress Alessia Piovon last year. Having seen the gown and the thigh-high slit, you can’t blame us for liking the dress version a little less. Either way, this look is much too reminiscent of the Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti look she sported couple of years ago at the Love Story 2050 promotional events.

Left: Alessia Piovan at Sanremo
Right: Priyanka Chopra at UNICEF event

Photo Credit: Life

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    • I like the dress. I like her look.
      But(there is always a “but”) I like the gown better, the gown is more elegant and sophisticated!
      Btw, I think PC’s put on make up on her legs here!

  1. She wore this dress for her UNICEF obligations. Seriously?!? I don’t get how/why she would wear a cocktail dress to an official thing. Has she ever heard of a jacket? I seriously dislike her taste in clothes – it is tacky!

      • Agree with ms.Meow…… The tacky clothes at formal functions continues…

        If someone who knows PC is reading this, please do HER a favour and give her the long overdue “event-appropriate-clothing-talk” KTHXBYE

        • agree with all of u..she needs to understand what is appropriate and what is not at events such as these.. pc’s choice is jus so tacky..

        • She was at a UNICEF event not a hands-on volunteer session. by event, Im guessing they mean a dinner or press meet or something of that sort.

          While the awards sari was definitely not meet-the-president material, last time I checked people wore elegant silk strapless dresses (that expose neither cleavage nor thigh) to formal events all the time, even humanitarian ones.

  2. wow…the colour doesn’t suit her skin tone one bit. She looks super washed out. also, her make-up is always the same -dull and colourless. And the hair!!! Really bad haircut!

  3. soooo boring! i’d love to see priyanka in pants or ethnic wear for a while. im tired of all these dresses that look the same!!

    why are her legs always so ashy? is it the body makeup?

  4. She looks OKAY, just OKAY. I don’t like silk dresses. The funny thing is, the white lady at this event was wearing indian wear whilst Priyanka showed up in a designer dress haha.

  5. Much prefer the gown version. Its so elegant and well cut! On priyanka it doesnt even look like a Ferretti. The length is awkward. Didn’t Sophie wear this gown to an award ceremony? Im sure i saw it on tv!


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