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Wearing a textured high-low gown from Elena Perseil, Priyanka attended the 2015 Filmfare Pre-Awards party. I didn’t think at first I would like this hooded look, but am surprised at how much I love it. What helped make this look feel less gimmicky was the hairdo and dusky make-up. Anything else and am pretty sure I wouldn’t have liked it.

Her look was finished out with a Louboutin clutch and glittery Louboutin pumps.

P.S. Many of keep asking if she’s changed her stylist. She hasn’t. It’s still Ami Patel.


Priyanka Chopra at Filmfare Pre-Awards Party 2015


Priyanka Chopra at Filmfare Pre-Awards Party 2015

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Diggin this look…also kinda goes with Mary Kom theme … she looks fab.. The stylist must have learnt that minimalist is the way for Priyanka too just like Kangana… those unnessary accesories like chunky bangles and starry earrings just makes her look tacky. Happy to see Priyanka being styled better now .. Well done !! :)

  2. Texture of the gown is arty and might look gorgeous when seen closely.But it has got ugly shape and silhouette,lacking in balanced form and fall.Plus the styling of side hair with the hood and tent like gown makes it even worse.Not working.

  3. Can someone please explain why people like this? I’ve looked and looked and all I say is a big piece of tripe. o.O

    Love love LOOOOVE the make up and hair.

  4. I like the new route Ami Patel has taken with Priyanka but frankly this hood dress look is sth Priyanka has not been able to sell to me… Got immediately reminded of Lindsay Lohan’s hood dress look – she crashed the party but she owned the look… Priyanka looks like she is trying on sth new and wants everyone’s approval?? Sadly, more like a coy bride look :(

  5. That hooded gown sure is statement-ey and Priyanka does carry it well but then I just felt the makeup could have used a little more colour on her lips like a dark red or berry shade!

  6. I would have liked red lips with the white-hot habit. Don’t like anything about this look. The side-parted hair have to go! She;s done them a bit too many times, and never successfully imho. Reminds me of vintage Warsha Usgaonkar, not in a good way.


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