Not Quite: Part Deux

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It’s not been eons since we saw Ms. Chopra and as for her outfit, neither do I like the dress nor the shoes. Scratch that. I don’t like the dress on her and that’s because the bust is quite ill-fitting and those shoes just bumped the sexy factor down several notches. If you’ve read this, you know we are die hard ‘Mary Jane‘ fans but hers look less Mary Jane hot and way more ‘Mary Poppins’ matronly! (See, I kept my promise! No mention of the hair! :P )


Priyanka Chopra at Toronto International Film Festival
Left: at ‘What’s Your Raashee’ Press Conference
Right: ‘What’s Your Raashee’ Photocall

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I wish I could just sit her down and have a talk with her! I love her and obviously has the potential to look so much better…I wish I could just tweet her and say this!

  2. Not quite is right. That dress is ill fitting – please get a tailor to fix your dress before you make an appearance. The shoes are just wrong for the dress which needed something light and delicate.

    I’m not going to mention the hair since I would sound like a broken record.

  3. LOL I’m glad to see that she washed her hair too :)
    Personally I love the shoes, just not with the dress- maybe with a volumnous skirt-1950’s-esqe deal
    the dress is fab too, just not with the shoes…um I think the bust fits…but what she REALLY needs with this dress is a higher hee and an open-toed shoe :)

  4. If you are taller than her will you be able to see her boobs? It looks like it! I don’t know I like the hair…but yeah I don’t like the shoes so much!

  5. what shocks me is that these people can afford the best stylist/designer in the world and still come out looking like this. this is a wtheyyyyy worth entry!

  6. I was a BIG hater of the hair but in this picture it looks great (pic on the right). Like the dress it’s nice.. bust is ok I think not a big deal but def not liking the shoes with the length of the dress.

  7. haha aww poor thing heard us and made it long. But then short stuff is better than this piece of crap. The top part looks like it might just fall off any moment lol

  8. guess there has an overdose of PC on HHC. so am bored unless its a total whathey :)

    PnP can we have some other celebs please, apart from Rani, Kareena and for sure PC.


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