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Turns out that this barely-there white dress on Priyanka was a Jasmine Di Milo creation.

Thanks ‘Sabah’ for the spotting.


Left: Jasmine Di Milo, Spring 2008
Right: Priyanka Chopra at ‘Love Story 2050’ Music Launch

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  1. OMG, such a fun dress with librarian pumps ? PUMPS? She has no attitude to match this dress, same fluffy shiny hair, as always….and PUMPS!

  2. Don’t particurlarly like the dress…but you do need a ridiculously fit body to carry off that fabric and cut…so I guess she does a decent job of it…but I heart the red pumps…any idea where they are from P&P?

  3. To miss chopra,

    Oh darling you are just so boring,
    Your clothes and you both keep me snoring.

    You and I share a name,
    I’m going have to change it – oh the shame!

    Please oh please develop a personality,
    It’s not seen through your clothes and your beauty.

  4. I like this dress – she gets points from me for going for a different look.
    But I’m baffled as to how it could be possible that she looks thinner than the model O_O

  5. wow, her shoulders look really broad in that middle photo. i mean, i know it’s partly the photo’s fault, but she does too have broad shoulders. but in the middle pic, her upper body is looking a bit manly – even the cleavage looks a bit like man cleavage. i think the dress is also partly to blame.

    i think some people should just stop trying.

  6. @ Pri – LOL, applaud you for your sincere, heartfelt comments!! For your sake alone, I do hope Piggy Chops refines her act.

    As for that outfit, its a horrible excuse of a dress for something so shiny & PVC – like. Why on earth would anyone create it, and to worsen things, why would anyone, especially a celebrity, choose to wear it??? Priyanka Chopra has a sensational figure, why can’t she dress accordingly? And I don’t mean by showing cleavage that looks…….well absolutely an unnecessary accessory!!

  7. i am becoming the police here, but please note the comments about her body parts, i think she is the fittesst and like her so it hurts!

  8. The dress does nothing but emphasise her abnormally and disproportionately large head and the red heels don’t do the already yucky dress any favours.

    She has bypassed slim and healthy and is verging on lollipop head territory, it’s not attractive when western celebs do it and ditto bollywood starlets.

    Seriously the only time I have seen this lady look good is in photoshoots when they airbrush/photoshop sound poundage ONTO her.

  9. again with her late ’90s news anchor style hair!

    Why do people always comment on her shoulders?! It’s like when they have nothing to pick on, they gotta find something wrong. No, they’re not broad OR manly, they’re TONED. She has a very lean, toned body (that i want!)

    I think she looks sexxxxy, she needs to change those shoes though

  10. @Pri- you are fabulous.

    @Priyanka- not so much.

    I actually like the dress, save for the slits, in an odd way. I actually like the heels- well, really just the color. BUT NOTHING SHE DOES FASHION WISE WILL EVER IMPRESS ME BECAUSE I NEVER KNOW IF SHE’S GOING TO TELL ME ABOUT HER NEXT MOVIE OR GIVE ME THE NIGHTLY NEWS.

    Ms. Chopra- Please bolt yourself into a hair salon and DO NOT COME OUT
    until you have rejoined the 21st century! Thank yoooou!


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