Pretty In Pink?

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Looking at these ladies got me I own any pink in my wardrobe? Is it because I hate the color or just that maybe subconsciously, I think of pink as a color that is meant for young girls or the metrosexual man?

Before I ramble on, what I would like to know is that, firstly, do you wear a lot of pink and by that I mean an outfit that is completely pink? And, secondly, your verdict on these ladies who have been sporting the color in different styles.

Priyanka Chopra @ Lux Launch

Aishwarya @ Seafarer Awards

Vidya @ Producers Guild Awards Launch

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  1. P&P I am hugely impressed by your collective ability to recall an outfit and make associations with patterns and colors. What is it? You both have photographic memories? Or is this an essential talent needed to be a fashionista?

  2. I dislike baby pink as well – mostly because it is so ubiquituous in little-girl clothes, and I have a daughter – color overload, I think!

    But Aish…she seems to LOVE the color and its relatives of peach/mauve etc. It looks Ok on her, but I’m very tired of the blandness of the color on her.

    I actually prefer Vidya in this outfit – compared to the horror she wore at the filmfare awards!


  3. i agree with anon that vidya balan looks better here. But i am literally tired of Aishwarya because of the choice of colors in her outfits. i just wanna go check out her closet and throw away all those pinks and peaches and beige and pale colors. gimme a break for crying out loud. and the same old boring outift. is she trying to prove that despite her marriage she’s still young looking?

    don’t get me wrong i really like Ash and her movies and i guess because i’m her fan, i take the liberty to express my opinion.

    i hope she also loses some weight, her arms are getting bigger too.

    ASH seriously needs to hire a stylist!!!

  4. Aish thinks that by dressing in light pink/mauve and such colours, she is showing off that she is a very “good” bachan bahu!!!
    Vidya and Priyanka look nice..
    Aish looks boring as ever. She needs a wardrobe change


  5. Actually, I don’t mind the outfit on Priyanka Chopra, for some reason. Maybe because her closet has a rainbow of colors. Ash, on the other hand, looks boring – mainly because the color doesn’t do anything new for her. Won’t she look great in darker shades too? Seriously, who in today’s age wants to be called ‘predictable’ in their attire? Vidya – well, like anon and rashmi said – the only thing that is saving her in this outfit is the horrible memory of her filmfare outfit!

  6. i actually like ash’s dress best but definitely on someone else. on her, it gives the picture of an 8 year old at a school presentation. priyanka looks most composed and comfortable in hers which gives the dress itself a thumbs up. vidhya….vidhya…what do i say…she looks good in the pink but i would love to see her in something other than over-sized salwars.

  7. I haven’t worn a lot of pink since I was little, but I wouldn’t mind wearing a pink outfit once in a while (I don’t own one though), but the accessories have to be in different colours.
    Priyanka is one step ahead of Aishwarya in strutting glamorous outfits, and Aishwarya a step ahead of Vidya. At least there aren’t too many emblishments in Aishwarya’s dress this time, which is rare, but sadly this time, the focus is on her arms. Besides the weight issue, the neckline and high waist could have made it worse. They all look fragile and feminine in pink.

  8. i think it’s OK to wear pink..regardless of ur age..if that’s what u like to wear and as long as it doesn’t really look too odd. so i think all these three ladies look fine! Ash looks stunning in pink. Maybe like Simi Garewal has a thing for white, pink and related hues are THE color for ash. So what..i think she is looking fab here. weight gain..maybe she is expecting!

  9. I don’t have pinks in my wardrobe. I do have a dupatta which is pink banarsi tissue with ivory resham weave. I wear it over my ivory manglagiri silk churidaar kurta and it is a classic and I get a lot of compliments over it. Baby pink is beautiful and has that airy feel to it which is undeniably feminine.


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