In Twos

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Two back-to-back events had Ms. Goel put in a quick wardrobe change and give us two very different looks.

At Pallavi Jaikishan’s do celebrating the label’s 42nd anniversary, Prerna picked a sari by the designer do. And for the store launch, it was a Isabel Marant dress. Both of which she wore well.

prerna goel in isabel marant at bandra 190 launch and in pallavi jaikhan at label 42 years anniversary

Prerna Goel
Left, Centre: At Pallavi Jaikishan Label’s Anniversary Do
Right: At Bandra 190 Launch

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  1. Love her look in Sari. Elegant and distinguished..
    Well nothing wrong with dress. The length is fine and that bag is droolworthy.. though not best with the dress…

    @Janice- She is Prerna Goel..socialite from Town. Always beautiful outside and within. I think she is married to Ashish Goel. Can you believe it she has daughter almost 17-18 yrs old

  2. My God- This has to be the prettiest saree, I have seen in simply months at HHC. Really wish, the Shilpa’s and even Madhuri, would go shopping at places like this:)

  3. The thing with prerna is that she is never never tacky. She always manages to exude a clean and fresh vive. There is no sensory overload. Love the flushed cheeks and easy on the eyeliner make-up on her.

  4. She looks good in both and i really do like that she’s never flashy with her clothes or accessories but spending that much money for a dress that can easily be found in any flea market seems fairly ridiculous to me.


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