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For her store launch, Sussanne picked a deep red Alaïa dress. Gold sparkly pumps and a strand of pearls finished out her look.

I love this Dorothy-meets-Doris Day look on her. The color is fantastic on Sussanne and the gold complements the velvet perfectly. (Yes, velvet!)

sussanne khan in alaia at bandra 190 launch

Sussanne Khan At Bandra 190 Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Disagree. That kind of red and velvet would have be so tacky on a dark skin tone. Iam happy that she doesn’t do artificial tanning and celebrates her whiter skin tone.
      PS: Its funny how a lighter skin person can be recommended to do a tan while the same comment on a darker skin person to whiten her skin would be so wrong. Ah the ways of the world. lol.

      • Really? To put it simply, because, and forgive the pun, it isn’t so black and white. Without going in to politics of race, skin color and social anthropology, the sad truth is that the most widely accepted beauty norms have never been very accepting of all races and skin-tones. And unless we snap out of that diversity-denial and make the same rules applicable to everyone, the ‘ways of the world’ will mean you are on the playing field playing an already fixed game.

        • Hah! By saying someone should tan ,we are suggesting them to change their natural skin tone which in a way is asking them to fake a skin color which they aren’t. If we abhor skin whitening then we should abhor tanning too. So what if they are too “pale”? Susanne looks good in that dress and I don’t see why she should become darker to wear it well.

          • Agreed Sussanne looks good. Agreed it’s not kosher to ask someone to tan. If you follow the blog long enough, you know both Payal and I are hardly about prescribing the universal white-is-good/dark-is-the-underdog-so-must-be-good beauty norm. Everyone is beautiful as they are and in a perfect world, everyone would agree with me. But till that happens, some causes will need to be championed harder. Besides, I would never prescribe someone to go get a tan… My comment was only addressing your seemingly flippant “Ah the ways of the world. lol”.

          • Priyanka, I have been reading it long enough from the time HHC used to be a bit sassy/more honest. ;) I feel HHC ‘s censoring is not on a fair (pun not intentional) level. If you delete a comment which is asking a person to get whitening done or something in those lines, suggesting a tan should be given the same applicability. Hey, even some of the comments suggesting the celeb to get their knees some good moisturizing gets deleted. Since it is assumed that the commenters are talking about the celebs darker skin tone. Yes, it’s your blog and you are at free will. And it was just my observation.

  1. How gorgeous does that dress look on the skin tone and those shoes are drool worthy!
    Loving the look! I would have skipped the pearls and let the dress do the talking.


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