A Three-Way Almost Ditto

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We saw it first on Sophie, then Bipasha wore a green one in a variation and now Preity sports the same bust style in a different version in an ad for Morellato watches.

Got a preference for either of the three versions?


Left: Sophie Chaudhary at ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Premiere
Center: Bipasha Basu at ‘Aa Dekhen Zara’ Band Launch
Right: Preity Zinta at an Ad shoot

Although, we don’t know what each one is wearing (it could be Gauri-Nainika), here is an alternate that you can snag if you really like the style…


French Connection Otto Dress


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  1. The dress is simple, but the fabric is awful! If it were a jersey fabric it would hold up much better, but as it is now- poorly constructed and lame color choices, I wouldn’t give it a second glance.

  2. ugly dress, why are the designers doing this to women, is this a dress of egg shell, how are u suppose to look good on something round puffy with ugly neck line, no wonder the actresses are getting thin by day and doing their best to look good in these funny creations they call dress nowadays, by the way for the first time I have to officially announce that one good thing about bollywood actresses which set them aside from Hollywood is sadly gone and that is BOOBS, bollywood heroin looked healthy with boobs and lucious bodies now they all look skinny yellow and flat chested just like their hollywood counterparts how sad

  3. @ me

    I totally agree with you!! I absolutely love bollywood actresses during the ’70s and ’80s with their big hair, big personalities and curvy bodies…*SIGH* this is why i refuse to watch any bollywood movies post ’95!

  4. This is a REALLY bad dress, it looks like it was made to exaggerate the body parts all in the wrong places, like the hips area is so puffy and that’s the ugliest neckline I have ever seen ugh T_T


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