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Seeing Ms. Zinta in a non-red outfit has us wondering whether she ditched the trademark-red-at-auction look (see here) because her team hadn’t done well the last two seasons. Either ways, while I loved the houndstooth-print dress and the jacket separately, I didn’t like them together. If the dress had had a v-neck or if Ms. Z had worn some sort of necklace to cover up the top part, I would’ve liked the pairing.

Thanks ‘blue’ for the full-length image tip-off.


Preity Zinta at IPL Auction 2010

Photo Credit:PreityZintaFanClub

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  1. Red or no.. she still kept that corpo look for the auction.. agree with you HHC that the two – jacket & dress are not going together.. she looks elegant and so it is not distracting or anything… but not one of her “oh so lovely” appearance..

  2. Love this classic look. From head to toe perfection.
    Adore the dress – love how it has a high neckline but it sexy & fitted. & the jacket is so nice with the petal like effect at the bottom.

  3. houndstooth print looks good on long wintercoats/trenchcoats. dont like it on the dress.
    agree that the shift dress cud be worn as it is.
    the feminine jacket goes well with blouses and skirt for office look.
    preity zinta likes to give the shock value. so u cant expect convention from her.

  4. love love love love love…tres chic, uber sexy, sooo sophisticated!! corporate done right. you don’t neeeed to bling out every outfit and have a pop of color with every outfit. In a corporate setting, less really is more! she nails it like only she can…man i could go into raptures over her style…flawless here

  5. I’m surprised no one mentions the hair. It look really dated and in desperate need of a cut. But can’t flaw the clothes, perfect and very chic.

  6. Am I the only one who finds her appearance boring? Her shades are the best part of the entire ensemble (she’s had them for the longest time & I totally dig them…anyone know what brand they are?)

    And oh, she needs a hair make-over very badly. She’s had the same boring hairstyle for the longest time too!!

  7. Ohhh I LOVE the jacket!! :) Very cute and formal at the same time. I love what PZ is wearing but her hair falls flat and she looks completely washed out.

  8. love preity. so much and her business suits . tres chic and very comlimentary to her power woman stature. On another note, I watched her on TV and she could barely smile or talk without looking like some botox has happened throughout the faaaaace…oooooo
    still, I love her decision to pair a high neck dress with a classic jacket.


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