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At their respective events on Saturday, these ladies were seen wearing Payal Singhal lehengas with silver jewellery. While they both looked lovely, we were drawn to Amala’s look just a wee bit more.

P.S. Pragya is wearing jewellery from Aquamarine and Amala from Sangeeta Boochra.

Pragya Jaiswal at a Store Launch

Amala Paul at Thiruttu Payale 2 Audio Launch

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  1. Lol. Amala has joined the thirsty gang after she was incorporated into the “transformation” one. Next she will be fairer even than Tamannah.

  2. Though the makeup was always there but it was used to enhance one’s features. Now I feel, in recent years the concept of natural beauty has just vanished. The real face is now always hidden behind filters n more filters! It is not just the case of Amala but of many others! Whitewashing in real life too has been taken to another level. Just browse through the old pics of Jahnvi Kapoor on HHC n compare them with the recent ones. Remarkable changes! Same holds true for Deepika. Bipasha is one dusky lady who has stick to her natural skin tone over the years. Among youger lot, Alia looks natural. Rest are all processed!

  3. Many kids who are dark grow up to become fair and vice versa. But these kind of whitewashing that actors do are after they are fully grown. It is unfortunate that a country like India where the population has majority dark skin has a problem with it. What instagram shows is nothing to do with how they look in real for any of these actors.


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