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At the screening of a recent movie, it was Shivan & Narresh for Poorna. There’s no doubt she wears the gown well but having looked at images of others in attendance, Ms. Jagannathan sure stood out. Perhaps she mistook a ‘screening’ for a ‘premiere’? That said, like what you see?

Poorna Jagannathan At ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i’m much more interested at the lady(shehnaz) behind poorna who seemed to be either laughing at poorna or seeking attention to be photographed..aah well no midriff show this time eh?

  2. It actually looks simple and elegant. Not overdone. Though I want to see her dressed down in jeans soon. Think shed look great.

  3. I think she simply looks hot !!!

    Even though i agree that its too nice for an occasion this general But i am glad that someone in fashion is FINALLY stirring the pot.
    High time !!

  4. I saw pictures of the others at the event, and I cant help feel embarrassed for her. Must have felt so overdressed for the event! :(

    Too bad, she was dressed well too.

    • If you haven’t already, i suggest you check out a movie called “Delhi Belly” at which point you’ll realize that nothing really embarasses her. She’s fierce and looks like she doesn’t really care. i like.

  5. I hate that hair style, bunch of curles to one side of her head. Ruins those beautiful curles. Outfit is not so bad just to the wrong occasion.


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