Feeling Blue

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It probably is the flash, but the blue sure is blinding. Having said that, while the sari avatar works (she looks nice), the tunic one is a ‘wthey’ waiting to happen… May we please direct your attention to the pants…??!!

Someone been hanging out with Anupama Verma lately?


Poonam Dhillon
Left: At ‘Poison’ Re-Launch
Right: At An Art Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This sure is better than any other non-saree attire of hers. The colours are a wee too bright, but she looks lovely. Am ignoring the trousers. Love the saree look. She still looks as beautiful as she was when she started acting.

  2. She is so pretty so why can she not make best use of it. Dressing up dawdy and loud even for Punjus is a by gone era.
    I somehow want her to tone down her lipstic shades and go for pastel shade dresses.
    The pants are simply cheap and tacky. Never liked it when it was a fad and dont appreciate it now.

  3. I always before having my supper pray that Ponam and Sonali Badre one day wake up and know that they have potential and then they will stop the mission of looking ugly and start dressing like ladys


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