Cast Of Firaaq At DIFF: A First Look

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It is a sari we have seen before on Nandita (and thankfully she ditched the granny shawl), but the cast of Firaaq impresses at this premiere at Dubai Film Festival.

Call us biased, but going traditional at an international film festival always wins it for us. ;)

nandita-das-dubai-film-festival.jpg sanjay-suri-shahana-dubai-film-festival.jpg

Left: Nandita Das, Dubai Film Festival
Right: Sanjay Suri and Shahana Goswami, Dubai International Film Festival


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  1. Nandita das,wears similar sarees..and looks similar all the time.She looks nice though.
    Sahan’s saree is nice,but just kinda clings from her frame

  2. traditional is nice
    …but if I was one of them, I would DEFINITELY be more comfertable in a dress (maybe that’s the natural born US in me but)

  3. I am not indian but I guess when you wear sari it has to have a shape and nice color and print to it, Nandita looks like as if she tied a bed sheet around ehr, its puffy and too big and the sari on the right is too rbight with very cheap embroidaries

  4. ooo going traditional at an international event scores major points for me as well! they all look nice. except something about this Shahana chick makes my skin crawl…

  5. purrrrrfect!
    Always adored Nandita. She is “Indian beauty” personified. Simplicity and confidence is what Nandita stands for.
    Sanjay Suri is always very well dressed.This time Shahna also made an exception . Like her blouse.

  6. In my personal opinion no one is looking anything spectacular, considering its an international affair…

    They all look like they are going to tothe next door shaadi…

  7. I too like seeing celebrities wearing saris to international events , esp with the great choices you have in them nowadays
    agree with Evare, Nandita looks so confident but easy going at the same time.

    Alya, I think its raw silk or khadi silk . Lot of these celebrity/activists also wear “Ahimsa silk”
    afaik all these fabrics have similar look to the sari above

  8. Agree, love it when they wear traditional outfits. Nandita always looks so classy, and it’s nice that she doesn’t spend all the time dressing. Like the other two as well. I have a similar yellow saree, yay!

  9. Nandita is stunning in that raw saree and her little jhola hand bag. A woman who dresses well and has some gray matter too. I wasn’t impressed with Nandita’s style before because she used to go OTT with her Indian accessories. But this is good. Suri looks yum.


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