Gowning Glory

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Why anyone still picks a satin gown is a mystery! It rarely ever is flattering. Especially, one that feels like a Bedazzler-arts project gone wrong!

In contrast, actress Pinky looked so much better in her one-shoulder one that had a chiffon bust and a Missoni-esque sequin skirt detail.

Left: Pinky at Markandeyan Audio Launch
Right: Priya Mani at Lux Sandal Cinemaa Awards 2011

Photo Credit: Cinehour, Ragalahari

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  1. though the colors suit pinky, the dress looks like it came out from a fairy tale book with the fish tale + magician’s cape (??).

    though priyamani’s dress is not flattering in the middle, i think it is not that bad, i infact like the jewelled details on the gown, i think they add some interst & color to the grown.

  2. Coveting Pinky’s gown! I love the bottom half of the dress.

    Beside Pinky, Priyamani’s dress doesn’t look that hot but i think Priyamani carried it off. And props to her for putting her hair up, even if it’s a simple pony tail. Too many times, I’ve seen many women ruin halter cuts, one -shoulders and similar cuts by leaving their hair down.

    Not sure about Priyamani’s earrings. Love the fact that they’re big (I’m a sucker for big earrings) but not sure if this particular pair goes with what she’s wearing.


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