In Hervé Léger. Again.

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Left: Parmeshwar Godrej, Gucci Launch Party
Right: Parmeshwar Godrej, ‘Rock On’ Premiere


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  1. I actually like the dress, but the hat, she can do without! She can learn to be a tad age appropriate and chic! Someone needs to tell her that looking the outfit’s making her look more like a Hilary Duff hag than Jackie O. And she can certainl use some Jackie in her!

  2. Thats some awesome glamour!! I know its her trademark and all but beret should have been left behind I thought.. One ugly woman though… yeah neha, she’s got some legs ! :)

  3. dress is nice but would like to see on someone else to see how it looks, someone please tell parmeshwar no one is interested in having her “booby in the face” look, such a waste of so much money

  4. P&P, I’m a big, big, BIG fan of your blog.

    God, I’m afraid to look at the picture, I feel like she/he will jump right out and eat me or something!

  5. good Lord… she does look rather tranny – always has. but it gets worse as the years wear on. and the beret – why does she insist on wearing one all the time????

  6. The beret again! She seems to be tryin to hang on to her brit tag real tight!
    For a granny, she has a great bod. Inspite of that, I dont want to see dat dress on her…on someone else please.

  7. What have the Brits got to do with beret?

    And by the way, that is not a beret, it’s a newsboy cap. If you are going to bitch about someone’s appearance, at least get your facts right.

    What is all this nonsense about age-appropriate clothing? She looks very glamarous and very age appropriate. No bits spilling out, just very clean, minimal lines. What could be wrong about that?

    Just because they do not fit your notion of what a woman her age should wear, doesn’t mean it’s not right.

  8. She looks like a tranny ! and girlfriend purlease don’t even try to convince anyone including yourself that you were born with that face or that body – fake boobies, fake face and so much plastic that she needs to stay away from naked flames.

    Seriously this should be in the WTHEYYY section

  9. Dear Parmeshwar Godrej You look so hot on this wear. I am very glad to see you on this wear. I am your fan always and I like to see you on this such kind of wear. You look like Sophia Loren, Helen Merren and Sarah Palin. Thats why I am proud on you as an Indian. Why should we cant wear and do such kind. We always with world as well ahead of world so why should not in this. You are Indian Sophia Loren either Sarah Palin and I proud on you. God bless you and please keep same beauty and healthy yourself. I want to meet you and that is my dream and also Goal. I dont know i can be possible or not. But I hope i will meet you in my life. If you can please mail me.


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