Parineeti on Bazaar Bride:(Un)Covered

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A seductive Ms. Chopra graces the cover wearing Temperley London and Hazoorilal Jewellers. Love/Like?


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  1. Love the old world vibe of the cover! Seriously admire her for setting an example for a having a healthy body than going super skinny.

    But I do like Pari all the more with her smile. :)

  2. There is nothing bride-like about this cover!
    Is it a white wedding dress?
    Traditional Indian wedding outfits in bold hues?
    Is the length appropriate?
    I am afraid nope!
    The jewelries are great but failed to gel with the outfit and the hairdo!
    But this would make a great after-party cocktail dress!
    Love the white henna!

    oh, and I gravely miss Parineeta’s usual bubbly charm here!

  3. J´adore!! For anyone who would say the dress is not bridal enough, just think of it as a great inspiration for a suhagrat look ;-)

  4. I am impressed with Pari in this cover- didn’t expect her to have this kind of tehraav. No forced sexuality unlike the Alia-Siddharth(Was it vogue?) cover…

  5. I rber seeing a lot of hate for the jewellery sported by Beyoncé in the Coldplay video especially with regards to the headpiece and nose ring/earring- don’t see this ensemble as very different…I believe the word tossed around was “costumy”.

  6. MEH! So the thing is Deepika has given us so much of the whole sensual, watery eyed, thick eyebrowed, matha patti, big nose ring look all of these years that anyone else doing it just feels lacklustre! On top of that Parineeti has no personality left anymore ( when it comes to presence) she used to be this sunshine girl and now she’s just trying to hard to fit in! Yea yea she’s lost a ton of weight! Great! But why do you want to look like other women! You can be thin and still be Parineeti! Such a pity! Bah! Looking at this cover, i keep forgetting i am seeing her! To me i am still seeing Deepika !

    • Agree to all you said and particularly this nailed it -“Yea yea she’s lost a ton of weight! Great! But why do you want to look like other women! “

  7. The pic looks like a bride who is exhausted after the wedding and can’t wait to get rid of the finery
    As for parineeti ..used to love her girl next door vibe … now she’s just another skinny girl trying hard to look sexy…


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