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Latest round of movie promotions had Parineeti pairing her Madison top with culottes from Apreré. Braided hair and Gianvito Rossi pumps rounded out the actor’s look.

She wears the separates well. (It’s a teeny gripe but do wish that zipper seam on the pants was hidden.)

Parineeti Chopra At Meri Pyaari Bindu Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Those culottes are tight, the reason why the zipper is visible. She copies posing from Alia. Again. The one leg-knee bend. Lolol. At least she stopped picking clothes from Sales rack.

    • You might not like this look or Parineeti but I am not sure the vitriol is justified. I am not sure how posing the way she is copying Alia, it appears to be an attempt to showcase the culottes to me. The references to Sales rack is not polite either. I pick up most of my clothes in the Sales rack; I am not sure if that is a reflection of good/bad taste. It’s all about how an individual pulls off a look.

      • + 100

        I am really tired of constant bullying and comparison with Alia. I always also beeline to the sales rack ….whats wrong with that?

      • Why is that others opinion has to be justified to people like you? The clothes look like clearance sales rack are my view/infact others have commented the same too. There is absolutely no need to come sermon on my comment because you are getting offended. Your sermon seems petty/evil.

        • I know a lot of people who can shop sales and look stylish, it’s all very individual. I also know people who are constantly buying the latest at full price who have no style. Giving a negative a connotation to shopping sales is not a fashion comment or opinion. Seems like a value judgment to me.

      • @PK: Brilliantly said.
        I pick my clothes from sales rack too & I find nothing wrong in it. The point is to feel comfortable & FEEL GOOD in what you wear; whether that has been picked from a sales rack or a non-sales one is absolutely immaterial.

    • Being Nasty I see.
      I didn’t know Alia invented posing.
      And what exactly is wrong with picking clothes from sales rack?
      Sonam syndrome is everywhere I see.

      • I don’t understand why P&P allow such mean comments. Yes, we are here to talk about fashion. If you don’t like what she is wearing, there is a dignified way of showing disapproval.


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