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At the recent concert in Mumbai, Divya was photographed wearing Sameer Madan. With a Zara headscarf in place, she rounded out the look with Sophie Webster sandals. Can’t say we were big on the look.

Divya Khosla Kumar At Justin Bieber Concert

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. oh man. what was about this concert that prompted all the Bollywood B-listers to dress their most wannabe-est?
    and seriously, suspender pants, with the suspenders lying limply on the hips?

      • Exactly my point.. why did they all gather for Beiber .. just becoz he is a western Singer !
        So wrong at many levels..
        Even Sridevi etc .. have they lost all sense of understanding of fine classic music , the musical maturity and just copying west as in going to concerts like teeny girls!!
        Nothing to offend beiber fans Tho he is talented in his own way and for his segment of audience..
        About divya’s style here, she is looking odd ,trying to hard to get a early twenties or teenager look..

  2. From the headscarf to the ugly sandals a mess. What look was she going for ?The Bieber concert brought out the worst of the bollywood fashion.
    Once again she proves money doesnt buy style.

  3. This look is extremely funny! I never feel compelled enough to comment on her looks, but did she or her stylists actually ‘think’ of coming up with such a ‘look’ for this concert? Really?

  4. It’s seems like one kitty party they all decided let’s go and watch Justin beiber… since kids can’t afford expensive tickets … and dress up like teens !! #epicfailure

    • Your comment smacks of ageism and bigotry. Neither age, nor ability to dress should dictate what concerts you can or cannot attend. In fact, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, caste etc should have no bearing. The only thing that should matter is ability to enjoy the music and pay to be there.


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