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Wearing a Fendi skirt with an off-shoulder top, Parineeti attended radio promotions for Kesari on Monday. Didn’t mind the combo but her strapless innerwear did her no favors.

Parineeti Chopra

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. How jaded does one have to be to find this outfit actually nice.
    Not minding the logo trend here…im happy it isn’t glittering and pink.
    Also, like gucci a few months back, Fendi is tapping into the Indian market nowadays and how else will others know a piece is Fendi other than by writing their name all over it! SMH

  2. Hi P&P,
    Can you please explain why you are referring to her inner wear and what issues do you see with this?
    It sounds like you expect breasts to be supported and help upright and any amount of sagging (mostly natural) is considered bad?
    If thats what you meant, am disappointed. We women should be proud of our breasts in all shapes and forms.
    May be you have some other reason to call out her inner wear – I hope you do.

    • The fact that there is jarring line and bunching up of the strapless bra in the first two pics is quite the distraction. It is for me. Maybe it isn’t for you.

      • Wow! Did not notice this until read your observation.. but it’s sad in this age we still have innerwear faults, mine being the straps falling side ways all the damn time! And the lines/corners or the bras showing through the thickest of the fabrics.

      • Thanks for clarifying. I don’t see it as a big deal. Like you said – to each his/her own.
        And sorry I semi-judged you gals!

  3. I am sorry but what’s to like here? This is an expensive Brand? The quality of fabric looks cheap, it’s utterly uninspired. Come on Bollywood, you hail from the land of textiles. Stop buying, wearing and promoting this cheap artificial international brand wear already. If not for anything else, for the simple reason that it does not look good at all.

  4. Reminds me of the Koffee with Karan episode when Sonam Kapoor was asked to give fashion advice to Parineeti and she said “don’t wear those tight clothes man”. I really wish Parineeti would follow that advice. She tends to favor these body hugging styles that do nothing for her.

    We have umpteen designers and a rich resource of fabrics in our country which are flowy and breathable, and look great. Wearing an elastic just because it has Fendi written on it isn’t going to wow anyone. We all know you didn’t buy it either so what’s really the point?

  5. This would have worked better with a crisp white shirt .. than that strange top ..
    Does she use a stylist?? She should hire one if she does not have one.

  6. Wear a simple strapless bra and then wear a simple bandeau over it. No matter how well endowed one is, bra will always stay in place. Simple trick!


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