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Back from the US after a break, Nargis attended the unveiling of the trailer of her next movie Banjo wearing a Pankaj and Nidhi beaded dress. Also seen on Dia a few months ago, the navy dress was also paired with ankle-strap shoes in Ms. Fakhri’s case.

Vote and let us know, who do you like the dress better on? Something tells me this is probably gonna be a real close one.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. well, Dia can make anything look classy/elegant. Nargis makes the dress look hot. And she f*ckin rocks that bikini in Dishoom. What a body, good lord! Probably the only good thing in the movie after the hot bodies of John & Varun. :P

  2. Nargis is one of those with a too hot bod and I don’t think it’s fair to pit someone else against her because it’s obvious that she will always come out on top.

  3. how can this be close? look at the slender silhouette of Narghis is that dress and the non shiny showy inner-wear :) shoes too look a tad more fitting along with the neat parted hair .. its a clear cut obvious one :)

  4. I love Dia & Nargis both, Dia is normally so well dressed but her her hairstyle, pose everything looks frumpy. But Nargis makes the dress look chic and stylish.


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