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There is no denying that Padma looks simply fabulous. Love the pale pink on her and the contrasting grey necklace (from Padma’s own jewellery line). Having said that, wish she had carried a clutch instead of the Balenciaga bag and worn a different necklace from her jewellery line, because we’ve seen this necklace design, one too many times.

P.S. Padma is wearing Balmain’s Mesh Sandals and we think the gown is Cavalli. See her wear a slightly different version of the necklace here.

Padma Lakshmi at 2011 Wayuu Taya Gala

Photo Credit: Daylife

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  1. love the whole look, would not change a thing. about the bag vs clutch, i go with the bag. a clutch is too girly and padma has a fierce attitude so it does not work together

  2. i like her for all the reasons you mentioned are not right. the fact that she doesnt do cookie cutter fashion norms is much relief. Iam tired of women looking predictable with types and kind of bags and sandals …so boring….love padma love Kiran love everyone who changes up and annoys the fashion slaves…:P :D

  3. oh gosh.. a local designer called Meera Mittal has a similar design necklace which she calls it her design.. here Padma calls it from her jewellery line.. before all of these have seen this necklace with some international designer.. people get original..

  4. Bag is no issue but u r right…if she is her own brand ambassador she needs to don other products of her line rather than repeat (even I dont do that..) Design more girl!


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