Finally- Part Deux

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Finally. Thank God she left her trademark stole behind this time!

P.S: Doesn’t her top remind you a bit of the Bebe one?

shruti-seth-indigo-cafe-opening-1.jpg shruti-seth-indigo-cafe-opening-2.jpg

Shruti Seth


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  1. ummm i lyk the top but i dunno theres something totally not right about this. i think the cut, fit and length of the skirt? and wot was she thinking pairing up those shoes and clutch? a little colour wouldv added a litle omph. plus dont think she can carry this off.

  2. Yup, y’all are right and we totally agree… the straps showing is just wrong and the fit of the skirt, not so great… but compared to what we’ve seen her before in, this is a breath of fresh air! ;)

  3. I think the skirt wouldn’t look that bad if it were to be paired up with a short fitted top and with a belt. The ruffles are bleh but would look much better with tighter jeans.
    And i totally agree about the straps and the shoes as well

  4. The skirt looks a bit like something you’d wear for a job interview [or places where you’d want to look appropriately frumpy] The skirt makes her look stunted

  5. yeah, i agree.. this look would have worked better with trousers.. without the singlet strap showing.. get a tube top girl… and the skirt is just killing the lovely top, in my opinion.


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