Oh Sarah!

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Yesterday, while taking a break from studying, I happened to catch the latest ad for Sarah Jessica Parker’s new perfume “Covet”. I don’t understand how she agreed to do this ad. I don’t even know where to begin. Miss SJP wearing an over the top white dress and then proceeding to kick in the window, was a little too much. Somehow the idea of ninja style, kicking in the glass does not really inspire me to go get this perfume. Not to mention the bad “raccoon” eye make-up. And doesn’t she look a little bit looney at the end of the ad when she blurts “I had to have it”!

What demographic was she aiming for with the ad?? Somebody needs to fire their stylist and ad agency!

Watch the Covet Ad here

Compare that with the ad for her first perfume “Lovely”.

She looks heavenly!

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  1. I didn’t care for the ad either… agreed that the perfume is something to “covet” but please…it was so loud, unpleasant and too actiony to evoke any pleasant imagery for a perfume!!


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