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Nivetha, who started her career in Malayalam movies, was seen at the Filmfare Awards in Hyderabad wearing a black dress from Siddartha Tytler. The more I look at the bust, the more I feel like I should like this look less. But, oddly am very drawn to the look. I thought she looked really nice and it’s possibly because the velvet dress didn’t feel like the regular fare.

Just me feeling that way?

Nivetha Thomas at Filmfare South Awards 2017

Nivetha Thomas at Filmfare South Awards 2017

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  1. I have noticed from her movies that Nivetha tends to heavily pad her innerwear. That’s what’s slightly bothering me her. But she looks lovely and the dress is totally wearable. I love that it seems to have pockets!

  2. Love these kind of silhouettes! Have few dresses in such cuts. Looks smart n classy! I detest velvet outfits but here it looks just fine!


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