In Prabal Gurung

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Nimrat visited the sets of Comedy Nights Bachao to promote Airlift where she was seen in Prabal Gurung‘s tulip print sheath. Instead of the traditional pumps, her sheath was paired with coral ankle-strap sandals.

The dress seemed a bit snug at the waist but she looked great nevertheless.


Nimrat Kaur in Prabal Gurung on Comedy Nights Bachao

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  1. I watched this particular episode and she looked gorgeous! Although had the dress been shorter even a tad tiny bit (ending just above the knee), it would have made the look sexier!!

  2. Her make-up is a tad off, and she should have tied her hair back. The way it is now, makes the upper body look crowded. Ah well, you can’t expect perfection every time!!!

  3. She looks pretty but I agree – the dress is too tight and I don’t particularly care for it! Also the shoe fit seems off – like it is a problem balancing in them. Love the hair and what a beautiful smile!

  4. She’s reminding me so much of Sonali Kulkarni in that second pic. :)

    I absolutely hate such fitted dresses in satin, especially printed satin. Seems like recipe for fashion disaster to me.
    But she being she, looks sweet even in that atrocity !


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