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The Kingfisher Supermodels 3 kicks off tonight on NDTV Good Times with Neha acting as mentor to the latest group of girls. Here’s a good reason why now you’ll probably pay just a wee bit closer attention to all the outfits Ms. Dhupia wears throughout.

Of all the outfits you see, think she looks best in one?


Neha Dhupia in Pankaj & Nidhi on Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt 2015


Neha Dhupia in Shivan & Narresh on Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt 2015


Neha Dhupia in Falguni & Shane Peacock on Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt 2015


Neha Dhupia in Manish Malhotra on Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt 2015


Neha Dhupia in Turquoise & Gold on Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt 2015


Neha Dhupia on Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt 2015


Neha Dhupia on Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt 2015

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  1. I’m very impressed!! My absolute favourite is the drapey and cleverly cut shivan and naresh! The Nupur Kanoi is lovely and she looks glam in the first S & F peacock embellished gown. Most looks are very well done- even the Manish blush pink gown is something she looks great in. Amazingly well put together and full marks to Neha X

  2. She is the ultimate fashionista! So stylish without trying to hard. Always a favourite for me and these pictures prove again why always a favourite :)

  3. Always such a good dresser n willing to take risks. She always dresses for her body type. Really underrated compared to the Sonams n Kanganas!

  4. is it even possible to pick just one outfit? I love the Pankaj & Nidhi grey dress, the Shivan & Narresh brown dress, absolutely love the Turquoise & Gold !! she looks gorgeous

  5. She looks good in all of them. But the best one is surprisingly Manish Malhotra, the color and the hair is damn good on her followed by a tie on Turquoise & Gold , Falguni & Shane peacock(the black top and printed skirt)

  6. Love every one of them. She is a true fashionista. Love her looks. And she carries off every look with confidence and panache. She just has a coolness factor about her, that makes any outfit work.


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