In Zara

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Doing black and white in Zara was Neha at Rush promotions in Delhi. You like?

Neha Dhupia at Rush Promotions in Delhi

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  1. I like it! Its such a non fussy look. Love the hair as well and I hope she has really had had a haircut (and its not a usual, ‘in character’ appearance). Indian female actors usually don’t take chances or experiment much with their hair and its always welcome when one does :)

    • AGREED! and the high waiste of the shorts isn’t helping her waisteline either. She should’ve worn low rise denim bottoms, either short shorts or jeans. this is a major fail

  2. Would loved to have seen her hair in a chignon, and swapped that top for something a little more feminine (silk blouse, peut-etre?) to offset the boyishness of the jacket-short combo.


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