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Giving us another cream look was Neha on the final night of IIFA festivities and while at first glance, we thought this was another Anamika, turns out the draped dress is a P.E.L.L.A, a Gen Next designer who made her debut at LFW this year.

Wearing the offbeat dress with gold sandals and an Edie Parker clutch, Neha finished out the look with an updo and gold earrings.

I can already hear many of you going, another bedsheet? As for us, we think she wears the tricky dress well even though the color felt predicable.

P.S. Her earrings and ring are ORNAMAS by Ojasvita Mahendru.


Neha Dhupia at IIFA Awards 2015


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She makes it work. I love her choice of accessories too. It’s great that she’s experimenting and IMO, she doesn’t come across as gimmicky or a fashion victim like Sonam. I think she genuinely has whimsical personality and she wants to reflect that in her outfits.

    • Second you! I love this! So elegant charming, fashion forward & stands out in a good way. I always look forward to her & Kangana’s post.

    • Yep, I agree that her character is reflected by her dressing! I love her funky dressing style…but isn’t this dress too casual ( I mean it would be perfect for a movie premiere or some press meet); however for the main awards night…it felt lacking. I would love to see a lill bii more dressed up which I am sure she would nail it!! Go neha! ??

  2. Gorgeous material and colour
    Love the slit
    But the ‘dress’ is just too unstructured and she isn’t carrying it well
    Abit of a miss for me

  3. While I am all for cool, unstructured clothes, whimsy, togas, etc, this is a horrible example of that! This does actually look like a bedsheet wrapped around her! The ‘sleeve’ part and flimsiness of the material not helping either.

  4. Love this outfit. Raw silk bedsheets? Nope, don’t think so. If that had been any other kind of silk (that had a satin-y look to it, may be, yes). You can clearly see that there’s some thought that has gone into making this dress! Love how Neha wears it. Nails it.

  5. It’s Neha so of course you won’t criticise. Of course it looks like a draped sheet. It’s just that her finishing touches are good and she is getting away with what would be WTHeyy on anyone else

  6. I looked up this designer and her work is described as “creating aesthetics through deliberate imperfections” and “silhouettes complementing the natural movement and fluidity of a body in motion”. I’d like to call BS on that. This just looks like an excuse to tide over the lack of skilled tailoring in the team. Even the statuesque Dhupia couldn’t salvage this!

  7. I dig it! I don’t know anyone else who does bedsheet as beautifully as she does. And I agree with Hepburn up there. Personality has much to do with how your body works and speaks with the clothes on top.

  8. This totally looks like she was cold and grabbed a sheet off the bed to wrap up in. Neha can carry off slot things but even she cannot carry off a bedsheet

  9. Lately I just feel like she picks outfits that manage to conceal her body (although I can’t imagine why). There seems to be nothing more to the thought process than that.

  10. just horrible.horribly draped twists and folds at the waist is adding up soo much of bulk.She is almost looking pregnant because of soo much of extra fabric on the tummy.The overall drape looks just like a bad experiment with very bad form and row 3rd pic she looks horrid.One can feel the discomfort on her face.Finishing on the neckline ,sleeve hem and fall of those gimmicky sleeves is cut very poor.overall a big mess.Wondering how these days designers just take expensive fabrics,twist,turn,tie,knot,slit,sew,fold and drape anyhow without considering aesthetics and call it a a design through deliberate imperfections.The word imperfection is just an excuse to any damn thing.


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