In Gaurav Gupta

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Wearing a Gaurav Gupta dress, Neha took in the designer’s show at the ongoing fashion week. You like?

Neha Dhupia On Day Four Of WLIFW A/W 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wow that is one magnificently unflatterling hot mess!

    The designer should be made to wear it and write lines on a blackboard as punishment: I will not make chair slip covers into dresses. I will not design in my sleep. Etc.

  2. No Like! It looks like something from a Kimi Katkar 70’s polyester flashback. Clings at all the wrong places, obsolete sleeves and neck and gaudy. But her face looks nice and those are some pretty shoes!

  3. ok i guess everyone has a bad day once in while….cant remember the last time neha had one so ill let this pass

    as far as the dress goes it is a rookie’s tacky attempt at being fashion-forward…terrible…


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