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For someone who mostly gives us Fab appearances, Neha surprised (in a bad way) in a very dowdy oufit at the Stardust Awards.

We didn’t like. You?


Neha Dhupia at the 2009 Stardust Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Oh NO She Didin’t!!!

    what was she thinking? I don’t know where 2 start?

    the skirt’s length, the shimmer, the silhouette

    the top’s fit,

    the clutch!!! wat is that thing? it looks like someone stuck a bow on a metal rectangular tiffin!

  2. well, if the blouse wasnt so ruched.. it would have worked and if the skirt was a lil shorter, it would have helped.. but maybe it wouldnt still work.. Its not a drab tho.. its a not quite, i think

  3. Me neither. Top is like it was meant for an astronaut two sizes smaller, skirt of weird starry material, and is that a bow on the clutch? The one thing that works is her radiant face and make-up.

  4. see I kinda see what she was trying to aim for… but she didn’t quite make it and no I can’t quite articulate what she as trying to aim for either … but this ensemble makes her look older, chunky and a hippy which she definitely isn’t.


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