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Natasha stepped out on Sunday in a yellow Ralph Lauren paisley gown. Instead of wearing the gown as is, Natasha tied a pink shawl around her neck and across her back and matched her dress with gold accessories including her favorite one, a head band.

Love the dress?


Left: Natasha Poonawala at CN Wadia Cup
Right: Ralph Lauren Paisley Impression Gown

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. is she preggers? if so…i’ve got too much respect to say anything negative… pregnant women always look sweet no matter what…c the cute smile on her face…

  2. awwwww.
    i love the colour combo on her! shes glowing, definitely!..
    but i dont like the style of the shawl lol.. she should have incorporated that pink in a bangle or a clutch (eg – twinkle)
    or worn the scarf differently?
    but she looks good nonetheless

  3. The dress would have looked lovely by itself with a pink clutch to add a pop of contrast….Dont like the shawl or the current accessories…

  4. a nice summery outfit and the way she worn her shawl is stylish…but not for a warm day… somehow!…the accessories are subtle not too loud! pretty clutch! over all it’ll be a 8.5/10…she pulled it off well!

  5. she’s adorable. i like how shes worn the shawl, making it part of the dress. just curious as to how it looks from the back. please post photos if you find any. thanks.

  6. she look really adorable… so cute…
    but I wonder how would it look from back!!! as the shawl style i am not sure would look any special from the back

  7. I like the dress…I think the pink shawl makes it even better! Though I wish she wore it another way…I’m almost worried that it’s choking her. But she looks great! Congrats on the baby!

  8. I love fashionable preggie women! She looks super. If she had draped the shawl around her shoulders, it would have been flawless. I wonder how the shawl looks from the back?

  9. whats wrong with you people??? a shawl in the blistering heat of april?????????is that fashion sense , and the other week a tweed suit, its a nice suit yes, for december!!!

  10. natasha s jsut so damn cute…I love how she is one of the very, very, very few Indian women who flaunts her preganacy in style, I agree could have done without the shawl, but she’s so adorable I’m going to forgive her for it anyway :-)


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