Black Magic Woman

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Spotted Nandita in yet another black and gold sari. But, I am not complaining, of all three looks, I love this one the best minus the pendant…

nandita_osian.jpg nandita_osian_black.jpg

Update: Added another pic. It is a black sari. ;)

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  1. the sari is nice but she’s such a good looking woman that it’s a terrible shame that she doesn’t just go for it once in a while and look really hot by wearing something like a lbd.

  2. I too like Nandita’s saris most f the times…….but iv learnt nt to match the blouse wid d border olways(she wore an orange blouse 2 match orange border f a tranlucent sari) also i wonder where does Ms. Sonia Gandhi gets her saris frm?!??

  3. I like Nandita’s look. While it may be nice to change up your style at times, I think this is Nandita’s signature look. I mean, we have enough people in Bollywood embracing the western style of dressing. I somehow like that Nandita sticks to whatever works for her — she has the whole hippie/organic/earthy look about her, which I dig somehow.

  4. I love Nandita’s very organic style. She never tries to wear something just because it is from a designer or someone else is wearing it. That sets her apart from all those wannabes that just try too hard.

  5. Pretty!! She is such an elegant woman and a wonderful actress. I love that she dresses in sarees and looks effortlessly beautiful. I”m actualy getting sick of Indian actress wearing Western clothes ALL the time!!

    I wish she wore a different necklace. The pendant is nice but it just blends in with the sari.

  6. I love Nandita’s earthy looks too. Natural, simple, doesn’t look like she tries hard, and elegant.

    HHC Lover (Niharika) I had that question in mind too, thanks for asking..where does Sonia Gandhi get her saris from?

  7. hmmmmm am i the only one who thinks that this is blue not a black sari? Please let me know if all the sudden I am color blind, anyhow she looks lovely in any case women with sustance will always look better than any designer crazy girl

  8. agree, sim, it looks blue to me too. but i’ve long stopped trusting my judgement on colors….I’m practically a man that way!

    and i love, love, nandita das. Anyone with any complaints about the way she dresses – choose your weapons and meet me outside the the HighHorse bar at midday tomorrow……

  9. She looks gorgeous…so natural and earthy… The color of sari looks blue to me too..and i just got my eye exam. I am sure it must be the lighting affect..if most of you are calling it black. Way to go…Nandita!

  10. How lovely is this woman!! And her saree and the casual-elegance with which she drapes is just takes my breath away!
    Nandita, if you ever swap these lovely sarees for dresses, I’ll be sorely disappointed in you :)

  11. She is a gorgeous looking woman… anything will suit her!

    Btw, I am hooked to this blog of yours.. I came here before, but this time I am in awe of the knowledge you have on fashion.. How on earth do you know all this?
    And I am devouring the archives now.. :)


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