Twice Bitten, Still Not Shy

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The moment I saw this top from Nalannda’s collection (presented in Oct 2009), I knew I had already seen it somewhere. Turns out I wasn’t wrong at all. Evidence: Audrina wearing the Karina top in July of 2009! :P

Last time her excuse was (according to Mid-day) that “she might have seen it in a magazine and the pattern must have ingrained in her head”. Wonder what her excuse is this time? :P

Catch her previous infractions here and here.


Left: Karina Grimaldi Maria Strapless Top
Right: Nalannda Bhandari, Spring 2010


Audrina Patridge

Photo Credit: Indiatimes, Celebutopia

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  1. Chura liya hai tumne jo design ko ,
    Aage mat churana sanam !
    Badal ke sirf color
    apana mat batlana sanam !

    (Loosely translated as : Please don’t steal again, don’t claim that it is your design by just changing the color honey !)

  2. i pray this ‘designer’ has her collection walking the runway this fashion week. u girls can call foul right wen the models come down the runway.. :)

  3. OMG, Is she for real, she so blatantly copies all these designers, hell anybody can be a designer, if they can just rip off other designers. she should be sued!! It is unacceptable, it s not inspired by, it straight out sopied, stich for stich everytime.

  4. how is she not banned yet??? shouldnt the first time be enough to ‘fire’ her from her job?
    1 wrong surgery can cost a surgeon his medical license.
    1 wrong affair can cost a politician his seat.
    why arent designers given the same punishment??

    ps: Payal, you’ve spelt Nalannda Bhandari in this post differently to Nalandda Bhandari in the previous posts (thats why all her articles on this site dont come up together – if that makes sense.. :s )


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