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Blame China for producing so many fakes that just about everyone struts around with the now (in)famous LV monogrammed bag. But, every now and then, other monogram haters like me carry items from LV’s other collections, like this “Limelight” clutch on Farah Ali at the launch of OPI’s “Indian collection”.

Now, this clutch, I really really like and it looks good on everything! While, the LV site has the black and gold version, you can search on eBay for the silver one. Just be ready to shell out a lot more cash for it though!

Buy via Louis Vuitton

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  1. It looks like a very nice clutch. I too don’t like the overrated monogrammed LV. but this one looks good. btw the one that Farah is carrying r u sure that one’s an LV too? it seems a lot larger than the black one.

  2. I live in Dubai, and it looks like the cushion cover from The One, not a purse. I should know I have one (the pillow case, not the bag)


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