In NorBlack NorWhite

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We all have our faves and so does Ms. Dogra who was spotted on two occasions in NorBlack NorWhite, the most recent one being at the New York Indian Film Festival.

She looked nice in both outfits but we weren’t feeling either clutch (or is that a continental wallet we see?)


Monica Dogra ( Shaair)
Left: At New York Indian Film Festival 2013
Right: At Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2013

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  1. She’s gotta be the best dressed Indian woman I’ve ever seen from the film fraternity… Cant believe these reviews… So ill-informed. Great hair makeup style everything. Nothing to fault at all.

  2. Look on the left looks like a half hearted effort. Stacked up bangles, big earrings don’t go well with the maxi which in itself looks cheap. May be its the picture..I much prefer the look on the right. Not everyone can pull it off but she looks great in it..Minus the clutch ofcourse!


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