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While Sabina’s was kitschy, Mini’s print is quite overwhelming and reminds more of old tablecloths and curtains.

I do like though how confidently Mini pulls off this piece. Love it or hate it?


Mini Mathur at FICCI Frames Seminar

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i like it…ONLY because she s is carryin it off with a great personality and confidence ……just goes on to prove how u can transform an ugly thing (like this) to sth attractive, with ur confidence ( I HOPE ALL THE OTHER ‘ACTRESSES’ ARE HEARING THIS ….CONFIDENCE!!) hehehe hahahaha XD …

  2. I feel like… that print is laying around my house somewhere as a rag, but like everyone’s said Mini’s exuuuuding confidence–genuine confidence that is, so she pulls off the saree… or maybe the confidence compensates who knows. Damn it, I love Mini.

  3. I dunno…just love her smile and the personality she exudes in this photo. I love the earrings too…ok granted that the print is too “curtain-like”…but atleast its different from the usual fare and somehow she makes me like it…and its all her doing….

  4. This saree falls in the category of what parents would bring with them while visiting their pardesi children. Easy wash, pleasant to the eye, no iron, machine washable. (looks like, may not be)
    Coming to the accessories, the blouse should have been a solid color on a textured material. A turkey towel would have doubled as blouse material. And for the earrings, I would have lent her the shower curtain rings. Shoes, of course, my bathroom chappals. She has inspired me to take my calgon moment.

  5. just bcos one has confidence it doesn’t mean one can go about wearing an old table cloth with glee. even my mom wouldn’t wear this. i have seen people wearing saris with flowers but their designs were much better than this sari.

  6. hey guys come on, considering she’s had a baby just 3/4 months back she looks sweet ya here..it’s diffrent from seeing ‘only branded’ stuff and overtly made up faces.
    i think she’s lovely


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