A Shoe Fetish

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The reign of short-short dresses continue with Genelia D’Souza, but at least she gets her shoes right every single time!

At ‘Mere Baap Pehle Aap’ Premiere


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  1. if only anupama verma cud pik up a tip tht this is how pleats r worn (by whch i mean the color n the style), it wud do wonders to her!

  2. u uh! jus nw noticed da knees~ well sm work cud hv been done thr n this outfit smwht reminds me of forevr 21 last yr’s collctn, tho it’s good but jaded!

  3. the dress doesn’t suit her…and it makes her chest look like it’s hanging in the middle of her stomach.

    i dont even like the shoes.

    but i love that smile!

  4. dont think the dress has a good fit on her.. I totally agree with Belle, there is something fishy about the fit..

    like the shoes and thats a damn sunny expression!:)


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