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… was Kirron Kher at the premiere of Summer 2007. Her bright yellow salwar kameez was just perfect. Thank god for Kirron, cuz what the younger generation(Yuvika and Gul) wore was quite unimpressive! Wait, let me correct that! Gul’s dress was an eye sore!

kirronsummer.jpg gulsummer2007.jpg
kirronyellow.jpg yuvikasummer.jpg

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  1. agree with jen…two ladies wearin yellow and lookin awesome in it! bright colours can go horribly wrong if in the wrong hands!

    yuvika is ok. not a wtheyy…but gul def. is. dangg

  2. I like Yuvika.. I think she is looking petite and nice even tho the dress is a so-so. I think her hair is terrible tho!

    Guls hair is bad too.. too short for that dress and the dress is loud!

    KK in yellow!! Like the kurta but not on her, I want it!!

  3. Shahid in the pic below and Gul here…what a perfectly matched couple they would make…heehee…wonder if Gul looked to Anupama Verma’s for inspiration :D

    Yuvika, Sikandar and Kirron look good…

  4. i almost thought gul’s melons were a potbelly. I was gonna ask if she was pregnant then i realized

    why are they like down there?

    she looks like alanis morisette with that hair

  5. I am totally in awe of the ‘Canary Yellow’…how can she manage to look so glamorous and so denure at the same time…

    Even Yuvika is looking kinda cute…I think she kinda looks like Dia Mirza….

  6. Love Kirron’s dress. This woman has such grace!! And the love of jhola/batwa continues. I actually like Yuvika’s dress.

  7. Yuvika is quite pretty, but its the premier of her first movie (if you dont count om shanti om) she could have got a designer outfit at least something that dosn’t look like a local tailor stiched it. The shoes are not helping either. Hope she graduates to better things.

  8. hmm gul’s chest is too heavy for this outfit and she needs to tone her body even more to fit into revealing dresses, thats the secret of dresses, skinny and flat body

  9. i LOVE kirron kher! She is one of the classy ladies of Bollywood. I love how she dresses age appropriately. Lovin’ the canary outfit on her. She put the newbies to shame and western outfits at that. Sometimes, ethnic works the best n we have this pic to show for it.

  10. Uvika looks like that actress that plays Rajeshwari in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki. I swear she does man! She is the wife of Suyash Mehra…and grandma of Aditya Mehra.

    OR Gautam’s sister in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

    damn it, i can’t remember her name! and this is annoying me

  11. Kiron is so graceful-love the fabric-think its chanderi silk. The jhola trends continues-yuvika looks pretty too but dont care much for that bunched up dress.

  12. Tell me if it is only me…but the lovely dames of bollyland mostly carry off great clothing…but why, oh why, do they not pay attention to shoes? Certain jeweled colors need matched silk/satin shoes, definitely not black shoes! Of course the dames here are what the webmistress aptly calls what the heys?, this time I am even blinded by Kiron Kher. She is usually spot on in her choices…this sunshiney look is more suitable on dewy fresh lassies than mellow dames. OTT KK!


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