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The Cappuccino Collectin jewellery line launch party with Pria Kataria Puri had to have seen some guests wearing the designer’s creations. Mandira went with a slit-jumpsuit, Evelyn a romper and Poorna with a kaftan maxi featuring a fringe hemline.

Of the three, Evelyn was an easy pick for her simple look. The other two just looked overwhelmed in the prints.

Mandira Bedi, Evelyn Sharma and Poorna Patel
at Cappuccino Collection Launch Party, Mumbai

Photo Credit: Ragalahari, Viral Bhayani

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  1. So many of us entered our names for your pseudo giveaway time. It’s actually disappointing that a sham like this is carried out from time to time and that to JUST to earn a hundred likes toy our facebook page and subscribers to Pernia’s Pop Up Shop.
    Shocking really.
    And once you close this ” contest ” the comment form is closed as well, Clever.

    • The comment form is closed because we don’t more ppl entering. I am not sure I understand why you consider it a sham? The winners are announced on both twitter and the post.

    • Wow .. bitter much? Obviously people run contests to gain popularity for their service/product. And then you contradict yourself by saying that the contest is closed. So how is it a “sham”? Do pray tell.

      I also want to say P and P are doing a great job with this site even though I may or may not agree with their fashion choices from time to time. I like they remain classy and stray away from Bolly gossip.

    • Just because you didn’t win, doesn’t mean its sham. I know there is no need to say anything since Payal has already replied but this is ridiculous…

    • Vishnupriya, very rude of you to attack P&P like that. Hope that Payal has cleared your so-called accusation.

      P/S: Next time kindly do some checking before attacking someone.

  2. lol ms bee ,its like saying pucci prints are done to death ,this is pria’s signature look ,not many designers these days have a signature look ,they are so busy coping each other . she know world over for these prints.


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