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Mallika attended the Dior and Elle dinner last night wearing a leopard print Dior dress that she finished out with simple black peep-toe pumps.

Given Mallika’s history at Cannes, this is quite a chic look from her. But, I don’t think the long beaded necklace belongs here and looks like she knows it too. Hence the playing with it in every pic possible… :P


Mallika Sherawat at Dior and Elle Dinner at Cannes 2014

Photo Credit: Zimbio

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  1. What on earth is she wearing? Hair, make up, and yes, the BEADS…playing with them because she has nothing else to do while in Cannes?

  2. If she hadn’t picked up the necklace, no one could have seen it amid all the print. Don’t know if I like this tamed avatar. Earlier at least she had her sauciness going for her, now she’s just another clothes horse an frankly she just doesn’t have the chips to pull that bit.

  3. This is not a good look because
    1. The fit is off
    2. Not many people can carry of animal prints well and Mallika is one of them
    3. The necklace looks ridiculous
    4. I am bored of the hair and lip color

  4. The dress is kind of bad. It doesn’t flatter her. But still better than her other usual looks. She seems nervously fiddling with those beads. Poor lady.

  5. Dress..ok I will allow her that, considering her past appearances at Cannes!
    Makeup..hell no!
    Shoes..could have done far better..hasn’t any celeb in India heard of Sophia Webster? :O
    Jewellery…(the one she’s wearing) Camouflage

    And the look screams for color..

    Mallika, she definitely has potential considering her figure & facial features..she just needs a better stylist


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