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Madhuri visited two TV show sets for the promotions of Gulaab Gang on Thursday. The appearance on Comedy Nights saw her in a DvF top paired with a Zara skirt with jewellery from Gehna. Her Boogie Woogie appearance was in denims paired with a white top and belted blazer.

Of the two looks, got a preference?


Madhuri Dixit at ‘Gulaab Gang’ Promotions
Left: on Comedy Nights Sets
Center and Right: on Boogie Woogie Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She has obviously recently hired a stylist who is, in addition to choosing her outfits, no doubt also grooming her on body language and attitude. while all that is well and good, it saddens me to see that as a result of this intervention, madhuri seems to be turning into the typical cookie-cutter celebrity personality. The same hair styles, the same clothes, the same stance. I especially find the hand-on-waist/arms akimbo posture kind of silly. Her outfits are both fine. Nothing spectacular, but well chosen and satisfactory. But I do wish we would see less of the stiff posing and more naturalness (not just with Madhuri, but everyone else as well who makes public appearances these days).

    • These are pics which are purposely taken and not natural pics i.e. not taken when you are not aware of being getting clicked….8/10 people pose like this when asked for a photo…i think it comes naturally…you can not stand straight or give some dramatic poses because being dramatic is not every body’s cup of tea…

  2. I really like Madhuri Dixit. No one according to me comes close to her in acting, charm, and the warmth/sweet off-screen personality she oozes.
    Having said that, I somehow feel that Madhuri feels pressurized to dress-up like the other actresses (Sridevi, Madhu) and not stick to her simple and Indian style (same goes for Juhi, I like her too :)..).
    The fashion sense in Bollywood is definitely going through a change and I don’t mind Madhuri getting on that wagon. For that is what commonsense dictates.
    Now, I would prefer her to wear little stiff material and not stick to the jersey/stretch thin clothes. Something more towards the elegant style (similar to Karishma) is what I think will suit her more.

    We have old actresses trying to dress like early-20 girls. Now we have a vacant spot for an Indian Meryl Streep – balanced, elegant and not ‘I am still young’ type. Someone who is comfortable and confident in her age and for the work she did. Someone who can take on significant roles in the Bollywood and not stick to oopsy-cute-sweet run of the mill roles.

  3. The top and skirt look on the left! we wore something exactly like that for our primary school annual day celebrations. except that our skirts were flared. and that was 24 years ago.
    Someone please buy her some style!

  4. This is clearly a new direction regarding her fashion choices. I am sure she is still in the figuring out what works phase. Yes, this is threatening to make her look and behave like everyone else int he industry. But in the process, I hope she figures out what her style mantra is and embraces her individuality and makes her style her own. Kind of the journey that Kajol is going through.


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