It’s Giveaway Time

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Congratulations to Bhavna Dhanani, winner of the fabulous Luella bag.

Fret not, others, we will have another giveaway for you SOON!

It’s giveaway time and this time we are excited to be able to giveaway this Luella bag to one lucky reader thanks to Brandmile.

In order to win the gorgeous bag, you have to
1. Tag yourself in one of the Luella handbag pictures on Brandmile’s fanpage. (Go Here )
2. Become a fan of Brandmile on Facebook. (Go Here )
3. Apply for membership on by going Here.

The contest is open only to residents of India and will be open from 14th March 2010 to 22nd March 2010 (both dates inclusive). At the end of the contest, we’ll announce a winner! Good luck, everyone.

For a complete set of rules, go here.


Luella Bag

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  1. heyy payal nd priyanka…its really cool that u guys r doing this give away thingy..jus wondering if u do it for the residents of uk..?? m frm uk and wanted 2 take part jus never been able to cause as soon as i finish reading it there’s always a lil sentnce mentioning that its only 4 ppl in us…or india.. </3 :( thanx so much aditi xx

  2. hey guys…as a regular reader..i have a complaint…ur website has changed way too much in the past and I feel like the more popular u guys get…the worse this site is getting. and dont get me wrong I have loved u guys since u started and even got my girlfriends hooked…but lately,,more commercials and less honesty and partial opinions have made this website less genuine than what it used to be. yes I know this comment will get hated on and might not even be published but I just wish u guys would go back to being the same.

    • i agree..and exactly the more popular they get the more carefull they have to be..just in case sum1 sue’s them.. so they r doing a good job :D

  3. They say…..the best things come when you least expect them to!! Im sooo happy! Thanks a tonnnn brandmile!!!! Cant wait for the bag :)))))
    wishing you all readers lots of luck hope you win other competitions :-) its an honour to have won something from brandmile!!!:-)


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