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Oh, how I hate how gorgeous Lara looks in this Banana Republic dress. I hate it because I had my eyes set on the dress for a long time and finally when I tried it on, it didn’t fit right! (Fact of life: if you are ‘blessed’ with hips, you just have to write off some silhouettes from your wardrobe.) Talk about being crushed.

Coming back to Ms. Dutta, with a heavy heart, I say this: Love it on her.


Left: Lara Dutta at MMTC Festival Of Gold Event
Right: Banana Republic One-shouldered Silk Dress

Photo Credit: BollywoodWorld

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  1. Dislike the necklace- it totally competes with the neckline
    I want to buy this and tailor it at the bottom (I could have stitched it better than whoever did for Laura) so that it becomes more of a sheath type of dress. Not only would we hippish ladies be able to wear it then, but we would look va va voooom :)

  2. I think the alteration looks dodgy mainly because of the fabric… hey, I have massive hips but I would wear it AND rock it in its original state – but agree with pdaervo would look better as a sheath!

  3. aaiiiii aii… I love banana’s and this dress I’ve ben in love since it came in market.
    love it on lara more than the model its just that I feel she didnt need the necklace she could have added some bangles and nice Studs or statement earrings.


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